Our History

Founded in 1969, Hi-Way Paving, Inc. was formed on the basic principal of its commitment to excellence in concrete paving and construction. Over the course of the last 48 years, Hi-Way Paving has grown to compete in the federal and military market as a prime contractor, while continuing to act as a specialty concrete paving subcontractor when appropriate.

After a change in ownership in the ‘90s, Hi-Way Paving began to blossom into the contractor it is today, while still maintaining that same commitment to excellence that was established decades earlier. With this in mind, Hi-Way Paving worked diligently to grow and establish itself as a consistent top-tier contractor in the national concrete paving industry.

Today, having held contracts in excess of $50M and continuing to be active throughout the Eastern half of the United States, Hi-Way Paving has positioned itself as a premier concrete paving specialty contractor for military and commercial air field and highway work. To this day, Hi-Way Paving continues its commitment to excellence in construction and business practices and is in a financially strong and ethically sound position. Simply put: Hi-Way Paving is a contractor that is willing to put in that extra effort necessary to consistently perform at the highest level.

In addition, Hi-Way Paving’s management turnover is lower than the industry average which provides a substantial base of key employees year in and year out who have dedicated their careers to the company and who have helped shape its reputation for having the highest quality of work product.

Holding firm to its commitment to excellence, Hi- Way Paving looks to continue in the industry as a strong, capable and consistent award winning quality contractor. As evidence of its ability to consistently perform at the highest level, Hi-Way Paving continues to win national concrete paving awards each year. Hi-Way Paving would stake its reputation that it can out-perform any other specialty paving contractor on a year-in and year-out, project-by-project basis.