About Hiway Paving

Hi-Way Paving, Inc. is a general contractor in the highway and airfield construction industries, emphasizing projects that involve significant amounts of concrete paving. We work primarily within a multi-state geographical territory defined by a 500 mile radius around Columbus, Ohio.

We perform our services either as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor to other prime contractors, pursuant to principal contracts with federal, state, other governmental agencies and private owners.

Technological Innovator

Hi-Way Paving strives to be an innovator and industry leader in technology, having constructed projects using complete stringless technologies for grading, base courses, and concrete paving since 2007. Utilizing these technologies in both the airfield and highway sectors, Hi-Way Paving has returned excellent ride qualities on its stringless projects, resulting in extremely satisfied project owners.

Experienced Staff

Hi-Way Pavings has an experienced and knowledgeable staff of project managers, superintendents, safety officers, foremen and labor crews to safely complete your project with the highest levels of excellence and professionalism. Let Hi-Way Paving show you what it’s like to work with a company that is consistently recognized as one of the best concrete paving contractors in the industry.

Areas of Expertise

  • Complete Project Management
  • Quality Control & Scheduling
  • Civil Site Work
  • Excavation & Grading Services
  • Underground Utilities
  • Storm Drainage Systems
  • Base Courses
  • Concrete Paving